people that have featured in, or contributed stories to
K - Z
KELLY Terry (RIP) Former CEO & Chairperson (D)CCoI​  
MAGAN Manchán (Writer & Documentary Maker)
MANNION Susan (Printmaker)
MC ALEAVEY Cathy (Sailor & Boatbuilder)
MC CARTHY Cornelia (Freelance Consultant & Project Manager)
MCDONALD Frances (Writer and Project Manager)
MOONEY Tom (Independent Journalist)
MORLEY Hilary (Editor, Curator & Visual Artist)
MOYNIHAN Ciara (Mayo News)
NILSSON Liz (Textile artist and Printmaker)
O’SULLIVAN Éamonn (Spoonmaker)
QUINLAN Owen (Ceramic Artist)
REED Leslie (Ceramic Artist & former CEO of (D)CCoI
SPRINGBRUNN Erwin (RIP) Goldsmith
TURNER Jim (Potter)
WALSH Joseph (Furniture maker)
WARD Jeff (Photographer)
WEST CORK CREATES (Craft & Art Collective)
WRIGHT Lynn & Ian (Sculptors & Ceramic Artists)
A - K
BENNETT Roger (Woodturner)
COLLIER Niki  (Textile Artist)
CROWE Frances (Textile Artist)
DE BÚITLÉIR Róisín (Glassmaker)
DENNISON Jim (Former Head of Design, LIT)
DOHERTY Jack (Potter)
FLEGG Eleanor (Freelance Journalist & Writer)
FLYNN Liam (RIP) Woodturner
FORBES Ciarán (Woodturner)
FUREY Jimmy (Boat builder)
GALLAGHER Mary (Collector and Gallery Owner)
GILL Séamus (Silversmith)
HARLEY Roger (Potter)
HAUGH Breda (Jewellery Designer Maker)
HELTZEL Rudolf (Jeweller)
HICKEY Etain (Ceramic Artist & Gallery Owner)
HOGAN Joe (Basketmaker)
HOLLAND Shane (Designer maker)
  1. List of Registered Makers
    compiled by the Design & Crafts Council of Ireland
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